Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Melomaniac

Music is a fire that combusts
upon itself and tears apart the heart
exploding universes in a row
the end is the beginning and the start
of timelessness and rapture overwhelmed
the passion of a bow upon a string
a knock on wood or any other thing
to bang two stones together can erupt
the lava churning through your tangled veins
which nothing in the cosmos can corrupt
for in the darkness, only sound remains
for all your science and society
and all your longings, talk of you and me,
then when the organ blasts across the space
the tones that spread the stars across your face
the pipes blow out the candles and suppose
that music roots from where the mandrake grows
and climaxing a cadence in the rafters
priest, porn star, pianist, happy ever afters
the sounds that emanate drive me insane
I am the fire, the love, la melomane.