Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Billiards, Billiards, Billiards

Greetings from the end of the universe. "Billiards", an essay-opera, will be an immense puzzle, and the world's first ever inter-dimensional opera.

It is not an opera that will ever be digested in one sitting by anybody, unless they are adept at time-travel or interdimensional projections.

The "Books" of "Billiards" float about above our heads. It will be an essay opera without a final, set form, where the chapters exist fleetingly, permanently, or semi-permanently.

Equally the process of making "Billiards" itself is part of the opera. Here I am singing now.

To you, just to you, my beauty, mon amour, I shower you with kisses and the stray flecks of spit that fly about in every aria.

It is intended that "Billiards" will be an essay-opera created almost entirely "in public". This blog will document as far as possible the entire process of the work. 

You have been warned.

For today, we leave the last word to Raymond Scott, one of the superstars of "Billiards".

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