Tuesday, 25 February 2014

BILLIARDS structure now....


In which Raymond Scott, assisted by a chance-music machine, creates a tear in the fabric of space and time. Then all goes dark. Until Mozart is summoned, and steps into the Billiards room.

Act I
In the Billiards room, Mozart, struggling for an idea, is banging balls together. He entertains the spectators with a treatise on chance, balls, games, and composition. 

We witness the other side of the tear in the universe created by Raymond Scott, then all goes dark, and two balls suspended, vibrating in mid-air manifest the trill in the piece of music Mozart is attempting to compose, catalysing the completion of the composition.

- Interlude - 
In the madhouse, Antonin Artaud has become convinced the Lewis Carroll travelled in time to plagiarise the text of Jabberwocky from him.

Act II
Raymond Scott composes "In an Eighteenth Century Drawing Room", closely based on a composition of Mozart. It transpires that, due to the tear in the universe, Mozart actually plagiarised the piece from Raymond Scott.

The machines of Raymond Scott lead into a game with music and mathematics. Lewis Carroll manifests and takes notes on the music machines, then disappears.

- Interlude -
An Opera for dividing cells

Act III "The Melomaniac"
Mozart, alone, is looking into an Edwardian peep-show machine. An intense text and video collage ensues, we are seeing what Mozart is looking at in the machine, combining ideas and images of religion, dramatic music, the orgasm, sex, transcendence, passion, and gurning musicians. Mozart masturbates, and the Queen of the Night aria is besmirched.

Raymond Scott makes love to an electronic music machine then, in climax, becomes one with the machine, flies into space, into the stars.

- Interlude -
John Cage composes Atlas Eclipticalis, mapping the stars onto music paper.

Act IV
We all know that the most pleasant way to spend time after an intense sexual or religious experience (or both) is in sleep and dreams.

John Cage narrates the sleeping Mozart through a starlit trail on dreams and the imagination.

The Raymond-Scott-Erotico-Musico-Machine is flying around the planets, in bliss.

- Interlude -
Back on earth, John Cage is picking mushrooms.

Act V
Mozart wakes up.

And then, suddenly, the universe was torn.

And all went dark.

Then Mozart is in the middle of the Billiards table, rolling around on balls.

Then Mozart's head explodes, in glorious technicolour.

And the audience receive an approximation of all of Mozart's ideas simultaneously. And everything else too.

The Raymond Scott-Musico-Machine flies into the centre of the sun at an incomprehensible frequency and sets off the Big Bang.

* * *

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